In the second part of our interview with professor Ramasamy Alagarsamy from India, we asked him, among other things, about the most notable experience during his stay in Poland and why is it worth to visit his home country.

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Professor, did you find our university as a friendly and inspiring place?

Yes, it is friendly and co-operative. We, the professors from India, are always close to our departments. Most of the time the department deputes students to help Indian professors. They do the job assigned to them with full involvement and satisfaction. I can say that this campus appears to be a  really friendly and inspiring place to work.

Tell us something about your teaching experience. Do Polish students any vary from the Indian ones? I guess you had to change your scholar methods, am I correct?

Yes, you are correct. In India my teaching methods are different. Almost every class I enter with a new topic and give lecture to students and initiate a discussion. After my lecture the discussion sometimes continues. But here I fully exercise a content-based teaching. Initially I?ve felt some little difficulties, but after some time I made up myself and planned according to the requirements.

I?d love to ask you about the best and the worst experience during your stay here.

I don?t have any worst experience during my stay here. I can say that meeting people and travelling around Warsaw are really significant experience for me. The best thing I find in Warsaw is the transportation and the ticketing system, which is an admirable one

Why do you appreciate especially our communication system and ticketing?

Ticketing system used in Warsaw is very systematic and the common tickets for Metro, bus and tram impressed me a lot. In our country price of tickets depends on distance which it is appropriate, while here in Warsaw is connected with travelling period. I believe that this can be tracked easily. Provisions provided to get a ticket and renewing the invalid one  are also easy here. For that reason I really appreciate it.

Do you plan to stay  in touch with Poland when your contract finishes?

Yes, as I have already told you, I?m doing some base work for that and I will try to maintain my contacts with Poland.

Have you been to other Polish cities, or maybe do you have such plans?

As a person keen on  traveling I have been to Toruń, Kraków, Kazimierz Dolny, Wrocław and Opole.

Which Polish city do you find the most attractive?

Among all of mentioned below, Wrocław is the most attractive. It is very colourful and its traditional buildings have impressed me a lot. It is also less crowded than other cities.  I?m about  to visit Gdańsk, Poznań, Lublin and also some villages before I get back to my country. However, visiting villages will not be possible without some help from native Polish people. If any of my student associates with me, I will also visit the villages.

At the end of our talk, would you encourage our readers to go to India? What?s best about your country and why is it worth visiting?

I am happy that Polish students are very eager to get to know about other parts of the world and that they are interested to get to know and learn other cultures and literature.

My country is great because of its people, languages, literature, weather and many historic places. Although my country consists of 28 states and seven union territories speaking different languages, we stand united together as one country. India is worth visiting because when you travel across the country and see the monuments and historic places you get to know about the culture, the people and how they still carry it with them. You can visit a lot of places with respect to your own taste: the monuments, oceans and beaches, hills and mountains, pilgrimage places etc. This way I take a  chance to welcome all of you to India and learn about our heritage.