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What?s up, UW?: A Scandinavian miracle (part 1)

For those who think that winter has become an unwanted guest – let me tell you something. Not so far away from cold Warsaw lays Malmö, a Swedish city. Coldness over there is nothing surprising, as you may suppose, so it won?t be the main issue of our interview. This time you?ll be able to get to know Poland from a Polish-Swedish point of view. Why? Anna Maria Balnožan has Polish roots. Even though she?s been to our country previously and she’s been studying in Warsaw since 2011, she managed to discover something new that I personally haven?t been aware of. If you are keen on getting to know what I mean, take a seat and let?s start a journey to Sweden together.

What's up, UW?: A passage to India (part 1)

In a pretty unusual episode of our „What’s up, UW?” cycle, we interviewed not a student, but a professor. Prof. Ramasamy Alagarsamy is an art and literature critic from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University in Tirunelveli. He was deputed to the University of Warsaw in October 2011.